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Fairy Dazzle offers celebration services, thought provoking stories for children and adults and a weekly blog. It is a forum where topics such as compassion, humility, service, responsibility and forgiveness are tabled.

Sound flaky, flighty and frivolous? Take heed, many a truth is said in jest, countless serious essential skills are learned through play and poetic reflection has inspired innumerable acts of compassion and positive change. Alchemy through words and applause, can melt even the steeliest hearts, bringing forth insights of compassion, inclusiveness and choice. 

Come peek into our garden of services and literary products. See what bouquet of inspiration awaits you, your family and friends.

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A place where you can find:

MC’s writing for children and adults. Stories that hope to inspire effective choices and positive perspective and action. So far she has self-published five picture books Abbey’s Dental Jewel, In Search of Something GreenHappy Cat and Merry Cat, Timely Umit Upturns Tim and Watchful Wishful Whirling Wanda’s Whale Pleas, and two business parables The Executive Gardener and The Fairy and The Corporate Family. She has written over 39 children’s stories.

Support activities and lessons for the picture books.

References and resources that support social skill development through effective choices, servant leadership and win-win collaboration.

Parental resources, (articles, videos and blogging discussions).

Mary Catherine Rolston

M.C. has taught since 1984 at the elementary level. March 11, 2016 she retired from teaching full day kindergarten in Hamilton, Ontario and moved to Victoria, BC where she spends her time writing, engages in various art mediums and of course spreading joy as Fairy Dazzle. She has also owned a craft business, bed and breakfast, and worked extensively in her community as a volunteer. As a trained Toastmaster with her CTM designation, and trained in Glasser’s Choice Theory, she enjoys speaking on topics which inspire personal growth. Together with her performance artistry, talent for poetic metaphor, she is on a mission to promote servant leadership, living passionately, and infusing life with fun. She spends her spare time researching and writing on these topics. “It is important that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and maintain our sense of humility.”  In addition, her passion has lead her to writing poetry and children’s stories on themes of compassion, values, relationships and awestruck wonder.

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A.K.A. Dazzle

MC’s Site Intro Video

Fairies are known to be the guardian angels of the earth and animals. Fairy Dazzle, (a retired kindergarten teacher), believes that the wee folk are also protectors and ‘besties’ of children. Through her metaphorical performance artistry and writing, Fairy Dazzle is committed to playfully challenging people to laugh, walk in faithful optimism, and let go of the trappings of the web-weaving ego.

Children's Stories

The front cover for the children's story Abbey's Dental Jewel by Mary Catherine Rolston. It features a young girl with glasses showing her teeth, and there is a string attached to one, ready to be pulled out.

Abbey’s Dental Jewel

The cover for the children's story "Happy Cat and Merry Cat"
Happy Cat and Merry Cat
The cover for the children's story "In Search of Something Green"
In Search of Something Green
The cover for the children's story "Mindful Max's Finger Focus Farming Frames"
Mindful Max’s Finger Focus Farming Frames
The cover for the children's story "Timely Umit Upturns Tim"
Timely Umit Upturns Tim
The cover for the children's story "Watchful Wishing Whirling Wanda's Whale Pleas!"

Watchful Wishful Whirling Wanda’s Whale Pleas

The cover for the children's story "Mini Might Merry Molly"
Mini Mighty Merry Molly
The front cover of the children's story "Red and Blue Yarn and the Nest at the Barn" by MC Rolston
Red & Blue Yarn & the Nest at the Barn
The front cover of the story Sallie and Sheba featuring a black dog snuggling up near a woman's face.
Sallie & Sheba
The front cover of Christmas Winds Grant a Wish by MC Rolston that features a hand-drawn young girl who is dressed up in purple winter attire.
Christmas Winds Grant a Wish
The front cover of the Little Dot by MC Rolston which features a large sad face drawing with tears streaming down the cheeks.
The Little Dot
The front cover of the children's story "Casey and Dash" by MC Rolston.
Casey and Dash
The Stars and Magic That Made Us
Raven’s Revenge


The Corporate Family
The cover for the novel "The Executive Gardener and the Fairy"
The Executive Gardener & the Fairy