The Executive Fairy & the Gardener

In today’s fast paced, stressful world, where demands in the work place are ever increasing, leaders must constantly be examining their own values and priorities while inspiring staff and maintaining incredibly high levels of productivity and quality. Add to this the work-life balance and the challenge of maintaining one’s values and enjoyment. As a friend’s father-in-law used to say, “You have to have attitude, gratitude and latitude.”

The cover for the novel "The Executive Gardener and the Fairy"

The Corporate Family

A distant cousin to The Executive Gardener and The Fairy. The questions that plagued my writing mentor Jonathan Bennett, were: What about Lilly, how did she feel? What were her interactions with Frank? He provoked further asking me to have the courage to delve into the sweetness and spice of their relationship. Hence, the birth of the Corporate Family. This novel attempts to address the perspectives of the stay at home partner verses the workaholic over achieving mate. At the end of each of Lilly’s chapters, the reader is introduced to Lilly’s poetry, which therapeutically comforts and guides her. Throughout the story the reader is to resources that Frank uses to find a greater understanding of himself as a business executive, husband and father. At the end the reader is offered a resource guide which offers to be a portal to further self discovery on leadership coaching for life and business.