Ask Your Child: How much power do you think words hold? Can you give an example of when words are powerful?

As adults we have all experience the power of words. Years ago a teaching colleague of mine had the acronym T.H.I.N.K. which I promptly shared with my class and posted. Today with our exceptionally speedy lifestyles and ways of communicating more than ever it is essential to coach our children to have the patience to think before we speak. T.H.I.N.K is a great point of reference before we respond or share with others.

Today with the COVID pandemic, stress energy is spinning faster right now, as a result, family communications run a higher chance of being a bit more tense. In the interest of protection and fear, neighbours might be more judgmental of each other. More than ever we need to ensure that our communications follow this T.H.I.N.K. principle.

In the interest of fun and reinforcing this message I love this song and it would be so fun after a discussion to introduce it to our kids through a dance party. When teaching kindergarten we started each day with a series of motivational songs (I will share these on a later post), if I had to do it again I would include this one.

The title questions above can be adjusted to the age appropriateness of your child and their maturity, but essentially the goal is to open up a discussion with your child to see if they recognize the power of words. Here are three suggestions to do with your child to help support the power of words:

– Share Have a family discussion afterwards.

– Then show this video reading of Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes (Oh goodness I can relate to Chrysanthemum having the first name Mary Catherine ;0)

– Another activity with children to reinforce is outlined here:

Until my fifties, I never really thought too hard about the metaphysical power of thoughts and words. Then I read about how far reaching the power of intention associated with words which has been documented through research as seen here:

In time, through experience and reading, I definitely believe in the power of words and intention. Given the looming reopening and so many unknowns, our worries, stress and anxiety have been fuelled. I think this week I need to spend more time in prayer/meditation and burning off energy with walking. Let’s keep guiding our kids on how to positively communicate, stay mindful and keep creatively distracted. Ohm!

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