Picture Books: A Simple Yet Powerful Way of Sharing Story to Young and Old…

Why not consider it as your next writing challenge?

Are picture books only enjoyed by children? No. Sure most of us think of picture books as part of the bedtime routine for children, however, let’s ask ourselves who typically selects these books and either takes them out at the library or purchases them? Adults.

Yes, children can independently read a picture book geared to their reading level, yet, more often they are read to children out loud at home or in the classroom. Typically, these same books are read over and over, again, consequently, the frequent read not only becomes a favourite of the child but of the narrating adult. The story becomes a special intimate cuddle-up and read memory.

Does it stop at the emotional sharing? No, picture books are packed with powerful messages delivered through beautiful illustrations, poetry, alliteration, simile, metaphor and succinct plot lines. These compact visual stories nudge not only our imaginations but pose questions or table reflections on universal topics we all encounter in life. They are timeless lessons that linger, and in our fast-paced world, can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Picture books are a powerful way of sharing poignant and inspiring messages through carefully crafted streamlined stories that are supported and enhanced with illustrations. They are a celebration of story that encourages discussion, triggers the imagination, unleashes the sharing of emotion and ultimately fosters connection. Why not try playing with this writing genre?