Can we as a human species be as dexterous as a hummingbird and as gentle as a butterfly?

When teaching, June was a big month for us to examine the growth of butterflies. Kids would be so excited to see the lifecycle of the butterfly unfold with our own butterfly ‘mini farm’ that we would set up in our classrooms. Once all the butterflies hatched we would have a special releasing ceremony in the park. 

This week Mark and I had the inspiring gift of seeing a beautiful red marked butterfly. We see hummingbirds from our balcony all the time. It was a reminder of the lessons we can learn from nature. We need to be dexterous and filled with persistent energy like the hummingbirds yet gentle and metamorphic as butterflies. We can also reflect on the ‘butterfly effect’ and share with our kids the consequential effects of our actions.

During this pandemic I think both these beautiful creatures can provide inspiration to us all and what we need to do as we venture into the ‘new world’.

Here is a poem I penned.

Dazzle’s Challenge: Start a butterfly journal taking pictures and research the variety of butterflies you spot on your walks and in your garden.

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