Inspiration from a Beach and Two Wise Women

… Elizabeth and Marcia

This past week’s micro- macro adventures were rooted in daily walks along one of my favourite local beaches at low tide and visits to two local artisans, Elizabeth and Marcia. All these experiences reminded me of the need for balance and attending to detail while keeping the faith that all will unfold as it should, keeping an optimistic and abundant mindset.

Our Tides: Metaphors Illustrating the Balancing of Cycles Between Macro and Micro Perspectives

Air Force Beach is rated 19 on Trip Advisors Best Vancouver Island Beaches. It is best for shallow warm swimming and a fabulous venue at low tide to see starfish, sand dollars, fish, hermit crabs and Lewis moon snails. Vast macro seashores of Air Force Beach are a perfect place to take in the mainland mountains and Powell River located across the Strait of Georgia. At high tide the beach is long and walk-able with limited rocks, debris and a minor dipping angle. Better yet, at high tide the expansive sand bars allow one to wade out quite far in water that will be only waist high. Seeing the massive glorious shoreline brings a sense of peace and solitude. I love this beach as it allows me to discover the beauty of the tiny ocean creatures while earthing as I comfortably walk the sandy beach barefoot. Given the wonderful summer weather I am managing to do a daily beach walk, almost doubling my steps per day while garnishing the benefits from grounding.

The Joy of Floral Elizabeth’s Flowers (Designs)

When I take my daily walks to Goose Spit Park, I pass the Alpaca farm owned by Elizabeth, a woman who celebrates a macro perspective of life through her micro designs. In her refurbished roadside garage made shop, she offers her fresh floral designs along with a few household gift items. Since the spring her roadside shop opened, but it was just last week that I dropped in and introduced myself to Elizabeth. I asked her if I could come and take photos with my microscope camera attachment. She welcomed me to drop by any time to take pictures. I continued to ask her about her cottage business. She explained that she creates the floral arrangements from her own garden. Each arrangement comes with a container and is only $20. Elizabeth doesn’t stay at her roadside shop but trusts that those purchasing anything do so on the honour system by placing the money in a sealed mailbox. She chuckled and said it’s about bringing joy not making a ton of money. In other words, it’s not about bean counting and being anxious about every penny earned. The inspiration I garnished from Elizabeth was the importance of celebrating and sharing floral beauty and the confidence and courage it takes to trust others. Elizabeth is a community example of a leader who demonstrates the big picture perspective of a growth and abundant mindset.

Marcia’s Magical Micro Miniature Creations Birth from Fire Raging Devastation

As a macro destroyer, when fire hits its destructive power can wipe out incredible expanses in minutes. This happened to Marcia Cronk-Teha. One night in a flash they lost their home, (you can read more about Marcia). Instead of being consumed with ruminating about the loss of all her possessions, she decided to redirect her emotions and creativity to embracing and birthing these enchanting miniature fairy worlds. These fairy scenes are a manifestation of love and rebirth as she courageously chooses to take a leave from teaching to pursue her love of visual arts and miniatures. Each one-of-a-kind art piece includes wood from the remains of the house fire, recycled jewellery and household treasures, plus collected treasures from the forests and beaches of Vancouver Island. Marcia is hypnotically drawing us in to appreciate nature’s beauty and the metamorphic magic in repurposing even the tiniest bits. Marcia inspires me to look beyond what something once was and see what it can become, no matter how micro!

Walking sandy beaches, listening to soothing surf grounds and refreshes perspectives. Equally, taking the time to embrace the creativity and story of others stimulates shifts in our meta-cognition, allowing for epiphanies to surface.

As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm, As is the atom, so is the universe, As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind.” – Deepak Chopra