Magic: In the Moment, Macarons, Memories, Meetings

Part 1

It is fascinating and intriguing how the universe, (for many of us this means God), consistently delivers centering life experiences, reminders, inspiration and friendship right at the critically pivotal points of our lives. I am awestruck at how our intentions are listened to and honoured by our higher power with remarkable speed. Our challenge is to listen and watch for the answers that mysteriously appear in our humdrum daily lives.

OMG Macarons

A week ago, I dropped by a shop I visited when we first moved here, OMG Macarons. On my first visit I purchased macarons to share with my brother and his partner, Judy. I was taken by this small shop, with limited hours, that was surviving in our small town during CoVid. I briefly spoke to the young co-owner, Brian, who explained that despite the pandemic he and his partner have been able to stay open. Remarkable I thought, given that their product is not a necessity, they must be offering quite the taste sensation and comfort. Arriving home, my mouth watered in anticipation of trying these perfect, delightfully pastel and delicate discs. They didn’t disappoint. Frothy, yet slightly crunchy, this tantalizing taste sensation tickled my tongue, softly melting, delivering a lightly creamy sugary fruity taste sensation.

Returning this past week, I again was impressed by the macarons and other small selection of sweets. You can witness me being whirled into a totally captivating OMG Macaron Moment in video **6**. Who needs meditation or yoga when one can instantly forget every distraction and experience engaging in this enrapturing taste sensation!

While I took photos, and Brian decorated a cake, I asked him about his business. He opened in Dec 2018 and experienced a solid beginning. Then Covid descended. I can’t imagine the shock for a young entrepreneur to venture into a new specialty business at the beginning of a pandemic. Brian was not daunted by the challenge, kept his tenacity and optimism, (as so many entrepreneurs do), even with other bakeries closing, and marched forward. A year ago-ish, he met his business partner. Quickly this relationship evolved into a love match! He shared that he is so grateful to have met her and that the relationship developed beyond the business. Interestingly, as in all good partnerships, they each have slightly different specialties, so they complement and dovetail well. Together they have resiliently maintained momentum and have plans to sign a five-year lease. Lucky Comox, as our community will not lose this treat treasure box business! You can read more of Brian’s fascinating story at Dorothea Gorgon’s blog A magical story, as Dorothea Gordon states: When we listen to our heart/intuition and what it whispers, we are open to let new developments unfold (blog April 12, 2019)

Steiner Bakery

Mid-week we headed to Campbell River after I received my second Pfizer jab in the arm. Typically, we go to Dave’s Bakery, but this time we sought out Steiner Bakery. It is a very retro-traditional looking bakery, and it is known for its outstanding cakes. Walking into the bakery reminded me of my grandfather Dziadzio who was a pastry chef and would make all the family wedding cakes. His Easter lamb pound cakes and cream puffs were just some of the many yummy baked goods that enhanced our family gatherings.

We ordered lunch, two huge rye turkey sandwiches with accompanying cookies and waters. The moment I bit into the sandwich I was immediately transported to memories of eating one of my mom’s superior sandwiches. My mother was a sandwich making expert. She took the time to add the details from pickles, crunchy lettuce, mayonnaise, mustard and even extra swipe of butter. Her bread was always super fresh and the cold cuts plentiful. This sandwich ticked all the boxes. Suddenly, I could feel my mom’s presence. Funny how food can elicit those profound memories and feelings of love. Yet again, while slowly identifying all the texture and taste sensations, I was spellbound in the present moment. My eating yoga meditation.