October: A Month with No End to Inspiration

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Halloween are ram jam-packed with inspiration for home and school. From visiting farms with apples, pumpkins, corn mazes, petting areas, hiking trails covered in gorgeous autumn-coloured leaves, to baking and cooking with our celebrated fall harvest to engaging in fall and Halloween-themed crafts, there seems to be no end to what we can do. Here are a few ideas plus further links below.


  • Yes, the weather can be unpredictable, however, all the more reason to make it a ‘seize the day’ month. Whenever possible at home or school get the kids out for walks or playtime when it isn’t raining.
  • Speaking of rain, why not set a container out during the beginning of the month to collect and measure the rainfall. Record the amount then compare it to another month in the year.


  • When heading out to farms or shopping for fruits and vegetables weigh the various items comparing them in their weight to their size.
  • If cutting open a seeded veggie or fruit, try to estimate or count how many seeds are found inside.
  • Introduce the term ‘circumference.’ Measure and compare the circumference of various fruit and veggies.
  • Use an apple to demonstrate fractions: a half, a quarter, and an eighth by cutting it into the appropriate sizes.


  • Research the growth cycle of various common fruit and vegetables.
  • Record how long it takes for a puddle to evaporate.
  • Research clouds and cloud formation.
  • Research why October is considered the heart of the hurricane season.

Language Arts

  • Reading a recipe and baking/cooking is a great active way of engaging kids in reading for a purpose. Bake cookies or make a simple slow cooker recipe.
  • The fall triggers the senses with taste, smell, sight texture. Using the senses write a descriptive poem that could be a descriptive free verse celebration of senses or written in rhyming couplets. Some of the inspiring topics could be food, weather, outdoor activity, gratitude, or Halloween-related.


  • Use cut vegetables and fruit for paint printmaking.
  • Research the Group of Seven then try to paint your own fall scene in the style of the of a Group of Seven.
  • Shrink apples to make apple heads/dolls. Warning: this will take the help of adults.
Flying Fairy with a Wand