Terrible or Terrific Tuesdays?

Is Tuesday a day of the week you find easy or difficult? Take a look at some of the articles below that suggests that for many people the toughest day of the week is Tuesday. For some Tuesday can be a building momentum day from goal-setting Monday. For others it is even more depressing or difficult than Monday as the reality of the workweek has set in, memories of the weekend are gone, and the next weekend seems so far away. In addition, for many of us, Tuesdays is a day where we have to put in more hours at work. All in all, it is a day that might be more stressful. Layer this with others who are experiencing more stress and rising tempers, people might be grumpier and more prone to using negative or profane language.

In our family, as the kids were growing our youngest son seemed to be quite taken with language, particularly oral language. When watching a movie once he would be able to recite lines back with accuracy. His vocabulary was filled with an unusual number of new and more sophisticated words. On the negative side, he loved spicy, curse words. I don’t know if it was the sounds of these words, the big reactions he received when using the inappropriate language or that often he learned these words based on a challenge from his older brother. Did he learn some of these words when we as parents used the expletives? I hate to admit to on the odd occasion using the s*%t word, but overall, Mark and I avoided cursing. Regardless of where he learned this foul language, we tried to correct and improve the usage of inappropriate language.

Whether one is a parent or a teacher, we can expose our children to words other than curse words to use when grumpy or angry. Moreover, often the vulgar language seeps into everyday sentences and phrases. Nothing is worse than having to listen to the constant use of profanity in the course of a conversation. Take a look at the following link for curse word alternatives.

Last, if Tuesdays are a tougher day, why not offer a Tuesday joke at mealtime, or teachers start the day with a Tuesday joke? Lightening up the mood with humour might just transform a terrible Tuesday into a terrific Tuesday!

Quick Take Away Links


Lighten up… Humour is the best spoonful of sugar to help make the march of the workweek go down easy:

Grumpier on Tuesdays? Tend to use off spicy or curse words? Why not clean up the vocabulary and replace them with these words:

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