Thankful Thursday

I’m beaming ear to ear while watching the great video links reminding us of the power of gratitude. How can we not smile with Kid President?

Several years ago, we took a trip to Hawaii. One of my favourite activities when traveling is to check out bookstores. Scanning through the local author section I purchased several books on Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian spiritual practice of forgiveness and gratitude. What a magnificent souvenir of lasting inspiration. I have since routinely practiced meditation with peaceful healing results. It is a prayer not only of forgiveness but of gratitude. For many people, this mediation may seem difficult to grasp but essentially it harkens back to the meditation tradition of achieving ‘oneness’ with our world and our higher self, our soul. I highly recommend the practice.

Another exercise that I embarked on around the same time that I came upon Ho’oponopono, was to keep a gratitude journal. I began when I turned 60. Now three years later and several filled journals I have to say it has been a nightly habit. Do I miss some nights? Yes, but I promptly get back to the journaling. What am I grateful for and how much do I write? I reflect on the simple aspects and items in my life to those that are more complex, hence the entries can be one sentence long or half a page.

How would I apply these new insights to raising a family or as a teacher? Here are a couple of suggestions:

Family: In a central spot in the home, I would keep a gratitude jar or box. At least once a week, maybe on Thankful Thursdays, chat with your family and write down what family members are grateful for. Encourage everyone to add their own written gratitude statements and add them into the collective on their own. Once a year ( possibly on New Year’s or Thanksgiving) or several times a year spend the time as a family looking over the treasure bank of gratitude statements.

Classroom: As with the family keep a gratitude jar or box, following the same format. Or keep a list on chart paper in full view and encourage class members to add to the list. See how long it gets and refer back to it during class discussions.

Today we are experiencing a torrential rainstorm. After the long drought over the summer months, I’m so grateful for the rain as the four-leaf clovers will be multiplying in abundance. There’s a silver lining behind every cloud!

Flying Fairy with a Wand