“What, a pop a day is too much?” asked Dazzle ….

Drink Water!

Twenty years ago, Dazzle and one of her sons went to a specialist to discuss IBS issues. The Dr. asked her son how many pops a day he was drinking. He responded with “oh, about one a day”. Dazzle’s confidence in her decision-making as a mom was immediately shaken when the Dr. responded emphatically that this was too much. Eyes wide open, she listened as he explained that the sugar was not healthy plus the carbonation could be irritating her son’s stomach. The advice: cut out the soda.

Since then, the family has continuously reduced their pop consumption. Now being empty-nesters, they infrequently have pop in the fridge. Dazzle drinks 2 cups of coffee in the morning, plus tea and water while Mark will drink tea and zero-calorie Gatorade. They reserve weekends for the consumption of fortified grape juice. Given that Dazzle rarely drinks soda or any carbonated beverage, when she does indulge in the treat, it often leaves her feeling very bloated and gassy. Her tolerance for soft drinks has diminished.

Over her working years, she saw many colleagues addicted to soda. When pressed to quit, these friends would express similar frustrations in trying to quit, similar to someone trying to quit smoking. I can’t help but wonder in time if we are not going to see restrictions or photo warnings on pop as we find on cigarette packages, given the negative health consequences.

The friends who were big soda drinkers and quit pretty quickly began to lose weight. Even diet soft drinks are not great for health and can contribute to weight gain. See the articles below and google yourself. Diet soda is not the panacea that marketers try to portray.

Back to the initial story, twenty years later, does Dazzle’s adult son drink water, and has he given up soda? Well, let’s just say given his work stress and crazy hours it’s a battle he’s trying to conquer.

Below find more links than normal to support the case for giving up soda and replacing it with water.