When Does Our Canadian Right to Speak Out Rob the Rights of Our Canadian Friends?

Let’s begin by igniting our patriotism by listening to Dave and Chris Hadfield.

As a Canadian, I’m so proud that we represent a nation of people who make significant efforts at keeping peace at home and abroad. Are we perfect? Nope! We still have a long way to go, however, we are trying harder than many countries to respect citizens for peacefully expressing their opinions. BUT when does this right of expression violate the rights of others?

We’re a Canadian Family, Eh!? As part of the Canadian Family, along with our rights and freedoms, we agree to follow the rule of law. What happens when there are irreconcilable differences? Do we defer to might is right? Do we seek to understand? When does keeping the peace break boundaries and become codependency?

Like many Canadians, I’m tired of the fighting within our Canadian family. I’m so saddened to see polarized opinions are breaking friendships, alienating fellow citizens, and gravely affecting the well-being and economic survival of many. I guess we can’t send the arguing members for a time out?

Hmmm, actually maybe that isn’t such a bad idea? Maybe the two sides need to agree to disagree for a cooling-off period. Then, at a mediated, designated time and place, both sides can seek to understand. Oops, there would be major difficulties coming to a consensus as the protest group represents a stew pot of anti-government and anti-policy opinions. It would require active listening so maybe they could cue to Oscar Trimboli’s podcast to get some help. I know this sounds very Pollyanna-ish but what’s happening right now seems to be a Bob and Doug Mackenzie style tantrum.

I’m concerned that both sides have lost perspective of the bigger picture. We have an economy to sustain and a reputation to uphold. Three weeks into this standoff, with both sides holding firm to their principles, odds will increase for potential further economic fallout and the surfacing of a nefarious power that could create far-reaching chaos. At the extreme, our Canadian democracy could be at stake. Hmmm, like the old saying goes, be careful of what you wish for.

In a previous blog, I refer to the momentum of anger. It generates a smouldering burn that leaves the angry feeling powerful. This feeling of angry power can explode without reason, like a flash fire, resulting in disastrous consequences. Although our unique Canadian protest with hot tubs, playing children, bouncy castles, and pig roasts give the humorous and playful optic, what isn’t featured is the shadowy sinister support. The seizing of the arms at Coutts was a terrifying image and is an indicator that some protestors are intent on violently making their point.

In 2007, I wrote a story that addresses that point of anger between two tribes. The Elf King, Mark, illustrated the story about a year ago. He is considering redoing the illustrations digitally which we could publish. In the meantime have a watch and let me know what you think.


Let’s hope that sooner than later we can get back to being the peaceful, fun-loving, generous Canadian family that we are known for globally!