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Who’s the Most Influential Person? You!

We are all Change Masters!

Parents, grandparents, and teachers let’s coach and role-model changes necessary to make the world better and generate tomorrow’s leaders.
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Repeatedly we hear it said that change needs to begin with the young. I’ve heard it said from a number of adults that children in their lives are concerned about the earth. They are aware of climate change, pollution affecting animals and humans, and the need for recycling. The next step is that they need to be coached and directed with research and resources then supported with the existing adult systems. The Great Leadership Reset Forum sponsored by Berrett Koehler Publishers and The Weatherhead School of Management’s Fowler Centre is one such platform that can seed and nurture the sustainable change cycle that spirals from generation to generation.

This past week I began participating online in The Great Leadership Reset Forum. Why would this 900-year-old fairy, who is retired from teaching devote free time to listening to the call to action from a host of global business leaders? We are all leaders! I am concerned with the health of our planet and future generations. Last year I participated in Leadership for a Changing World Online Summit and it was excellent. In reflecting on how changes can be made in today’s world I thought it needs to start with the organizations and systems with financial power, today’s business. Hence, I thought I want to hear what global business leaders and trendsetters are initiating and suggesting at this time of pandemic reset.

This week I will be blogging about my takeaway from participating in this year’s summit and how it applies to parenting, grandparenting, and teaching. I will share research and strategies that I find interesting and sharable with the children in our lives. My hope is that you will be inspired to share this information and take action with the young people in your lives, consequently, initiating a grassroots change master movement. In addition, you might be inspired to check out the balance of the summit.

The introductory speaker, David Cooperrider, shared some ecological and sustainable incredible initiatives by a number of global companies and organizations. I was blown away at what leaders are doing to reset and master innovative change in our world. There just isn’t enough promotion of these wonderful enterprises. Here is a list for you to research and share with the young people in your life:


Entrepreneurial change and support in Rwanda

Orsted – There vision is “ … a world that runs entirely on green energy”

Nothing New Sneakers – Their focus is based on a circular system of design. It is an economy of cycle by asking the consumer to send back their used shoes then the company will refund the consumer $20.

Solar Foods – Making protein out of air.

Toyota Net Positive Cities – Cities that turn waste into wealth

O.A.T. “Shoes that Bloom” Gym shoes that you use for planting as they are biodegradable.

Net Positive – An organization helping business to ensure there is minimal impact on our world.

I challenge you to consider looking up these companies and organizations and reading about their actions to be change masters in our world. Do you and the youth in your life want to support them? What other organizations can you find through research that are doing similar work? Have a conversation with the youth in your life and think of other ways that companies can think of reusing, recycling, leaving less of a carbon footprint, or thinking of ways to leave a positive or regenerating mark on the earth.

Looking at big business and others is inspiring. The next step is looking to ourselves, reflecting, then taking responsibility for our own daily actions. We can ask what can we do in our daily world to be change masters?