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Does Your High Emotional Awareness and Expression Achieve Goals and Make Moonshots?

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Over Christmas with some hesitation, I picked up Brene Brown’s latest book Atlas of the Heart. At first, I was taken aback by the size, cover and large full-page photographs and inspiring quotes, all of which are in keeping with typical coffee table books. I wondered if it was going to be trite and cliché but since it was on sale I thought, why not take a chance, I do enjoy her as an author and speaker. I was not disappointed and devoured it quickly over the break.

Upon completion, I immediately thought I need to share this excellent ‘Atlas’ with everyone. Brown’s latest is exceptionally crafted! An artistic thought-provoking guide to facilitate self-discovery and understanding of our humanity. As always Brene Brown delivers her wisdom with a humble vulnerability that not only gently challenges us but ignites sparks to take relationship-building action. As I read through the book I gained a great appreciation that non-fiction formatting boundaries were stretched. The larger than usual size, bold fonts, bright colour, striking photos, art and humorous poignant cartoons, create a coffee table stylized book which encourages the owner to display it for regular use in a family room. After reading a multitude of reviews, it appears that readers are constantly referencing the book at home with their kids and at work with professionals such as teachers.

So often when we are attempting to accomplish a goal, or just get through a day, our emotions get in the way. The emotions become the trigger that hijacks us from our target. What makes it worse is that many times we have a limited vocabulary and understanding of what emotions have surfaced. Many of us, especially our kids, will lump emotions into happy, sad, angry, dislike or love. Hey, just think what are the basic reactive emojis we see on Facebook? Thumbs Up, Heart, Care, Laughter, Shock, Sad and Angry …. there’s not a lot of choice is there?

I highly recommend you consider picking up this book to help support your efforts in self-development. Parents, grandparents and teachers, Brown’s book is an excellent resource to stimulate discussion with your kids and students. Also, it would be helpful in identifying and articulating what is at the core of an emotionally confusing situation. When children feel understood, barriers come down.

Being able to identify and articulate our emotions is critical in understanding ourselves and others. It is the key to developing empathy. It is through empathy that we are able to as Stephen Covey stated, “Seek to understand”. It is when people can come to a meeting of minds that peace and win-win solutions are found. Furthermore, we are then in a mindset to flow, creating a synergy that is exponential. As Buzz Lightyear said, “To infinity and beyond!” as we not only hit a target but make a moonshot.

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