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Sharing on Teams Makes Goal Achievement Easier and More Enjoyable

A No-Brainer Right?

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This is dedicated to you, Les….

“We are a community of collegial, cooperative, collaboration,” a dear friend of mine used to expound, tongue in cheek, while we taught at the same school. Hmm and isn’t that the truth! Yes, there are huge benefits to sharing information and collaborating on projects, and it can be challenging!

When I was a child I learned very early that there are benefits to caring by sharing. Sharing what I had whether it be a toy or food felt good. Additionally, I also found I felt excited and happy when I shared experiences with others. My mother used to chastise me for being too generous. Her vocalized concern was that she feared I would be taken advantage of or hurt. I remember looking at her in bewilderment because sharing felt too good to think of any negative consequences. At a young age was I becoming addicted to sharing?

Speed forward to the years I taught. Many of my most rewarding experiences were collaborative. When one has a great team teaching partner, the sharing high leaves one with a phenomenal sense of accomplishment and joy that magnifies the being in the zone feeling. It’s a double hit of dopamine and oxytocin.

Equally some of my most awkward and frustrating experiences collaborating occurred when teaching. Upon reflection, it appeared that the most difficult scenarios were those that had less wiggle room for independence and required all the parties to ‘fit on the same idea page’ requiring more discussion and compromise. Also, sharing with ease unfolded when all the people on the team were more concerned with ensuring the other teachers were being heard and ideas honoured. One ego didn’t overwhelm or overshadow the others. (Hmmm, a lesson for great partnerships ie. marriage?)

Today as a retiree, for the most part, I engage in independent creative activities. It isn’t often that I have to fit into the rigid framework of an organization. My sharing is one with my retiree husband in coming to a meeting of minds as our worlds shrink from what they used to be. Seven months into Mark’s full retirement, plus Covid, we seem to be finding a sweet comfort level sharing our 24/7 physical space. Yet, where do I find my hits of dopamine and oxytocin outside of the home?

To support my creative goals I look to my creative friends, my hubby, courses, neighbours and writing organizations. The other day my neighbour called to see if I would like to join her and another neighbour weighing in so we could offer encouragement and accountability ( I declined as I don’t weigh myself…a cop-out lol). As mentioned with my blog, two days ago, when feeling a malaise, I called my long-time creative partner in crime. Leaning and supporting each other with inspiring discussion, we both left feeling stronger and able to accomplish our creative goals. I’m grateful for Mark’s encouragement and company in accomplishing my daily goal of walking to the Goose Spit. By enrolling in writing organizations I have forged new inspiring friendships and share in informative course offerings which in turn feed my writing goals. My conversations with Scott, my friend and web designer, are always stimulating as we provoke each other to stretch further in our business strategies, philosophy and goals. Seeking out friendships that support goals and fan creativity is not only fulfilling but fun.

In summary, although it can be messy and complex at times, sharing reaps many rewards. Selfishly we obtain support in our goals or challenges which help us grow. More importantly, caring and sharing allow us to surrender to the needs of others, strengthening our bonds and building our relationships. By giving, we end up receiving our own shot of dopamine and oxytocin. Now does this not feed the cycle of positivity? Together, Wherever we go…..

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